About Us

Tanya Fox - Crafty Creator

 After over 16 years of dreaming she finally took the leap her father told her to and made one of her dreams a reality.  You will often find her in the store, apron on and creating new ideas and projects or visiting with the fellow crafters hearing new ideas.  Her excitement is contagious and she is always overjoyed to see what you are working on.  

Lily Fox - Head of Security

Always ready to help wash away stress, keep your project safe and put a smile on your face; you will often find Lily wondering the store or pre-warming a chair for you.  Be careful she loves to kiss and her tongue is longer than you would think.  

All Day, All Night

We love making videos. Be they on, how to, epic craft fails, new products, FAQ's and everything in between.  Visit our You Tube channel by clicking on the picture to the left.  Don't forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button to be up to date on our latest uploads!  Have an idea or need a video tutorial. Let us know and we will get it out there! 

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We love our customers, so feel free to come in and get hands on help with your projects. Remember the only fee for help is a smile. 

Crafty Crafters Ltd.

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